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Proper Gun Mat for Proper Gun Cleaning

In summer 2019, I went to shooting range with my university mates to unwind from the disastrous exam series; I took my Glock out from a drawer that has not been opened in a longtime. The Glock pistol was working fine; it was shooting properly as I lubricated it a few weeks before the trip on my desk, however, cleaning caused my gun to get scratched and similarly my desk took few scratch marks as well. On the shooting range I was complaining about the scratches and a trainer heard me, he came up to me and introduced me to gun mats and its main functions to protect your gun and your cleaning space from scratches and wear & tear etc. I went home, opened my laptop which was filled with chemistry notes and typed “gun cleaning mats” and researched all about them. It turned out that there are many types of gun mats with different features and different functions that makes them superior over another gun mat, some also act as a bag to carry your weapons while some have pockets to store lubes, cleaning rods, solvents etc. With all these features and different functions I found myself in a dilemma to choose a gun mat for myself, therefore, I have recommended you a gun mat below that has given me a good experience while using it personally, also, I have also mentioned few other recommendations for you in case you incline towards them.

You can visit this website to get detailed information about these cleaning mats.

Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

The guy in the shooting recommended this gun mat to me and I am extremely thankful to him as I use this and my gun and the workplace is scratch less since. This is a high quality mat with a budget friendly price; therefore, it won’t hurt your pockets much and will also do an effective job of protecting your gun as well as your cleaning space. This mat is designed for pistols as it is small and thick, specifically 5mm thick with 11 inches by 17 inches measurement which is more than enough for a pistol. If aesthetic is an important aspect for you, you will be glad if you buy this gun mat as it has a great dark image of the America flag printed on it making this very attractive, furthermore, you don’t have to worry if mistakenly you spill your lube or oil over it as it doesn’t absorb any of it, similarly, it protects your work area like a desk from oil or lube spillage as it doesn’t allow to pass through it and damage the wood or any sort of material. The gun mat is always remains stable wherever you place it as it is embedded with rubber which makes this gun mat slip resistant. This gun mat also has the ability to roll up making this convenient for travel, however you would need strong elastic rubber band to ensure that the mat is rolled up at all times. You can wash the mat with water and soap but don’t use a washing machine to clean it as it can damage the quality of the mat.

Other Recommendations
  • TekMat TEK-36-AR15
  • Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Mat
  • Real Avid AVGLOCKSM